And Those Who Were Seen Dancing…..

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And those who were seen dancing quote


2016 Women of Excellence Awards


I am truly honored that the Victor Chamber of Commerce and the Ganondagan State Historic Society has nominated me for a Women of Excellence Award.  My thanks and adoration to Karen Guiderelli who advocated for me to receive  The Lantern Award.

The Lantern Award formally honors the passion, vision and commitment of exemplary women based on a tribal leader named Jikohnsaseh.  She was instrumental in forming the Five Nations Confederacy which was founded on the message of peace, health and justice and one that predated the American constitution by 750 years.  Jikohnsaseh had great vision and wisdom and above all she had a passion for her people to share peace and equal rights for all women.

I welcome you to come and celebrate with me and the other women who are nominated for this award named after Jikohnsaseh.  The annual award dinner will be held on Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 6:00-9:00pm at Ravenwood Golf Club.

For tickets:


You are strong, they would say
But it doesn’t matter if I feel strong
Only that I endure.

Many times, upon hearing those words
I would pick myself up
And keep going.

I thought if they say it
It must really be true
Even though in my head I asked “why?”

I am not strong, not to me
I deserve to lean on something
But when I look, nothing is there.

Stand up, “I tell myself,”
Someone else may need to lean
And I will be there.

poem by Deb Calhoun Jansen
photo by Terryn Maybeck

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